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Date of birthday: January, 8, 1985;

Began practice in music in year 2000;

The primary musical instrument are electric guitar;

The secondary are bass guitar, acoustic guitar, drums;

The primary genres of music are rock, metal, blues;

Started a guitar trainings in 2006;

In trainings the main emphasis is on:

  • Technic of the execution;
  • Self-learning, self-education and personality growth;
  • Progress of creativity thinking and compositional skills.

The cost of education in skype are 50$ / hour.

If you have any questions – ask them in contact form below. I’ll tell you as soon as possible.

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Borned: 2th November, 1994.

Began practice of music in year 2014, and composing music in year 2015.

Primary musical instrument is electric guitar. Secondary instruments is a tin whistle, acoustic guitar.

Have a skills in GuitarPro, Sonar, etc. audio editing and producing.