My first album

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My first album

Postby musician » Fri Apr 08, 2016 7:45 am

Hi All! I have a 8 songs music, intro and outro, which I was composed. I was recorded the demo versions with drums and bass guitars plugins and I can't to find someone, who can sing this. I want to create album with 3 vocal parts. One female vocal and 2 male vocals: the tenor and the screaming-groul. Maby someone want to record the live parts of drums and bass guitar? Wellcome! In the future I want to find musicians and make interesting music with them. Also I'm looking for somebody, who can write texts to songs music. In the songs should not be incitement to violence etc. I want to interesting texts about life and feelings in my songs. Waiting for your suggestions.
Below I have add one song of my album. Best regards!

Mirrors (demo).mp3
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