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A Little More About Music

A Little More About Music

Music – is the tool, with the help of which we can learn to give expression our feelings and dip people, who those around us, into our inner world with the help of this. But as well as we have learned to speak, to express our thoughts, we must learn to play a musical instrument, to be able to express our feelings. A large lexicon, helps us to frame a beautiful sentences and our speech becomes compelling and insightful. The same thing with music. We must learning to «speak» on the language of music. To be able to hear and feel himself and all around us and express it all on a musical instrument.

Music – is a harmonious combinations of various sounds, which influences on our inner state, our feelings and emotions. Take a look around. Listen … What do you hear? Sounds. You hear the sounds constantly. You’ll always hear the sounds everywhere – in a large city or somewhere in the mountain forest by the river. At day and night. Have you ever thought about how perfectly everything that surrounds you?

About music and dance

It is interesting, but in very ancient times the music was a little different than we are accustomed to hear it today and was much more significantly, than we can imagine. Since ancient times people have explored the effect of certain combinations of sounds on the consciousness and the internal state and used it to expand their abilities. Much of this is taking place now. For example the dancing. If the dancer is able to listen and feel the music that he dances, this gives him the power, grace, beauty, and he is revealed in the dance, is in a state of flight.  Stop the music and the dance will stop…

It is interesting, but the dance as an art was born in very ancient times. You can find a lot of examples. One of them – celebrations, that were associated with annual or other cycles, when taken into account many factors (such as time, the location of the planets, terrain and others). Celebrations were accompanied by singing, dancing and music, during which not only respected the traditions, but people get the strength and common feelings, emotions, energy, and shared them as with each other and with nature.

Music in the world

Around the world and in every nation there is something similar. Do you remember dances of the peoples of Africa around the campfire, music and dances of Injuns, peoples of India, China, others? Everywhere they are different and that’s amazing. It is reduced now to rituals and traditions because we have forgotten how to feel yourself, feel others around us, outward things. We are more and more involved in the problems of everyday life and routine. But if we turn away from it, it does not mean that it does not exist.

Everything is moving and changing in the world. Music was changing too. There were new musical instruments, new genres, new musicians… And though we are not dancing around a campfire listening to the drums, but nevertheless we listen to music, we compose it, rejoice or grieve with she and share it with others.

Teachers and students, education and learning

So, let’s think about we need not only to learn combining the notes and composing music, and also be able to express their individuality and our deepest and true feelings…

But. First of all is the theory, practice, and experience!!!

Beginner musicians often have difficulty to begin education because they does not know where to start. The teacher can help you to understand this. But! The teacher is the one who can show you of which way you can go, but you have to develop themselves personally, practicing and growing your skills.

First of all, the task of the teacher to transfer the amount of the experience and knowledge. But it is very important. In this process student shouldn’t to lose motivation. He shouldn’t to absorb everything what he is taught, but use knowledge in accordance with own vision and individual development, getting own experience, making mistakes and overcoming difficulties.

As with any art, in music, the creativity is very important. Not everyone can to compose interesting music. Many people says that it requires talent. But it is not so. Rather, it is the free perception, which everyone who wants can afford himself. But, of course, need to work on this.

For music composing are required knowledge of music theory, skills of musical instrument, practice and experience. And most important – is the internal state. It determines what music you will composing.

Happiness to all and beautiful music creation!!!

Alex Bratkov
Alex Bratkov Administrator