Resonare is a project, that founded by musicians for musicians. The main idea of the project is to exchange experiences of music creators. We are sincerely welcome you to our website. Following we are describe some simple rules of the project:

Resonare intended to unite people who are write original and live music, and therefore on the site is prohibited publication:
        − Works, which are not the intellectual property of the participant who publishes the material. Plagiary will be removed at the first request of a third person at presence evidence of plagiary;
        − Cover versions of songs of other musicians, remixes, electronic music (means dance and club music);
         In the case of publication of songs, prohibited propaganda, incitement to extremism, violence or any other immoral acts in the texts and also texts, containing excessive foul language;

Our Forum welcomes participants, who are seeking new knowledge, aspiration to share their own experiences in making music and find like-minded people to create common projects. Please show respect to other members of project and their work. At the forum is prohibited insults other participants, holywar, advertising, propaganda, incitement to violence.

The compositions publications on the relevant section of the forum. The best works will be posted on the website.

On the main page of project our team will regularly prepare for you original articles about music and composing and posting last publications.