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Five Advices For Beginners

five advices for beginnerss

Many people are allow a lot of mistakes, when beginning to play on musical instruments. The best way for full their exception, is to find a good teacher. However, below, in five advices for beginners, I want to write about the most common and obvious mistakes.

The skills consists in the nuances! Pay attention to the little things

Whether you work with the exercises or learn the composition – always listen how it sounds in the original version, or in the disk added to the textbook. Try to faultlessly reproduce every note, duration and dynamics. Do not try to learn the entire composition in one go, work over every tact.

Finish the job

Some beginners, reaching some progress in the development of technique or the studying of the composition, leave everything “as is”, not leading the technique of play to a high level and beginning to study of a new material. Try so not to do. Important is not quantity, but quality.

Learn to relax when you playing an musical instrument

Excessive tension while playing on musical instrument, non ergonomic expense of force is a problem, to eradication of which it necessary to work quite a long time. Playing on a brass instrument, string or on any other type of musicial instruments, is very important to stay relax, without wasting time and energy on unnecessary movements during a playing. You’ll never see a professional musician, who gets tired after two songs.

Listen more music and watch videos with your favorite musicians

Watch on the play of real guru is very useful. How do they use their hands. How to hold the musical instrument. What techniques are use in his play. Learn to find answers to questions you have by watching them. Listening music and watching videos also will be very useful to you if you want to write their own music in course of time.

Do not try to become a professional within a month

Starting new hobby, we feel a flaming enthusiasm and want to see immediate results. Relax, their will not. Tune in to the long and laborious work. Work gradually, but every day, for constant сonsolidation of success and develop of plasticity. In course of time, you will not notice how the music will begin to fill more and more your time.

        This article I wrote specifically for guests and members Resonare, based on personal experience. I hope these five advices for beginners will help you avoid the same mistakes. Good luck in all your endeavors! And most importantly – get pleasure from the work, that you doing.

Alex Bratkov
Alex Bratkov Administrator