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Alex Bratkov

Alex Bratkov

Alex Bratkov was born on January 8, 1985. Since 2000, he began to practice playing the guitar, drums, and also composing music. The main musical instrument is an electric guitar. He gives preference to such genres of music as rock, metal, blues. Since 2006 has been teaching.

In trainings the main emphasis is on:

  • Technic of the execution;
  • Self-learning, self-education and personality growth;
  • Progress of creativity thinking and music creation skills.

Alex Bratkov says: “I think that these skills are the most important for a musician, because creativity helps a person to open up, self-education and self-improvement help him grow and become better. Work on the technique of execution helps to hone attention, see the little things and work on them. I believe that this is the way to mastery.”

The cost of education in skype are 20$ / hour.

If you have any questions – ask them in contact form below. He will reply to you as soon as possible.

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Alex Bratkov
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