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Musicians and Composers Community

Welcome to Resonare

The project was created for people who compose their own original and live music and want to expand experience in this. The goals of the project is to create a unified platform for sharing experience among musicians, enhancing skills, creating and publishing joint projects.



Music Creation

Working on collaborative online music projects with other members or creating your own music, publishing and feedback receiving.


Online courses of musical theory and practice from the project members and its creators as well as training manuals on the site.


New acquaintances, exchange of experience, joint projects, interesting work and a lot of positive emotions.

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Clefs is a symbols for indicate the location on a music staff of a some note. This is done for the convenience of reading the…

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Scales and Their Constructions

Scales and Their Constructions

Scale And Their Constructions In the article Notes and Intervals, we examined the C major scale, the notes included in it,…

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Notes and intervals

Notes and Intervals

Here we look at the basic concepts of the notes and intervals. As you know, there are 7 notes in music. And they are designated…

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learn and parctice music theory

How to Learn and Practice Music Theory

In this article I want to share my experience in the study and practical application of music theory. And tell you how to learn…

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