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Musicians And Composers Community

About Us

About Community

Resonare – musicians and composers community is a completely new format of communication and cooperation between composers, musicians, sound producers and sound engineers. So, more about us.

We are more and more accustomed to musical bands and individual music performers, who often work in the same team and in the same genre. In Resonare, everything happens differently.

This is a dynamic community in which its participants can create short-term and long-term joint projects by individual agreement with other artists.

Goals and Tasks

In the community, mutual support and mutual assistance to each other are most important, therefore we strive to develop communication between project participants based on these principles.

Another task of the community is to constantly improve the professional skills of participants. As a rule, this also happens by individual agreement with artists who have the opportunity to teach and share their knowledge.

Yes, at Resonare you can learn and take lessons from project participants.

To facilitate communication, a prerequisite for all participants of the project is knowledge of musical theory no lower than intermediate level, and also strive to know everything that will facilitate and improve the process of collaboration.

At the request of the project participants, their work can be posted on the Resonare Internet community resources for their popularization, familiarization and monetization. Read more about monetization conditions here.

Registration in Community

In order to register in the community as an artist, it is enough to apply by filling out this form:


All applications are considered as soon as possible and individually, after which we will contact you by email with further instructions.

If we agree to cooperate with you, we create a profile for you in the artists section and approve it with you.

At these days, thanks to modern technology, we can easily make music from a distance and share the results. So, for example, each of us can record our musical parts and then combine them on our own, or attract other project participants for this.

Rules and Regulations

The administration regulates the recording quality of the tracks posted in the community. Poorly recorded and mixed tracks on the website and other sources of the Resonare community will not be published.

Please note that the site has a special bulletin board with which you can find the artist you need or post your advertisement regarding ideas about the future project, who are you looking for, etc.

Important! All conditions of work and cooperation on this site can be changed and finalized at the discretion of the community administration.