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The Last Journey

The Last Journey – acoustic fingerstyle guitar instrumental composition. Author and playing by Alex Bratkov.

I am glad to present it here and I hope that you will like it.

I composed this music several years ago and although I do not often hold an acoustic guitar in my hands, I decided to record several parts of this composition in audio and remembered about them a few years later, after which I decided to record this video and leave it here.

And although this composition is quite simple in execution, I like to sometimes replay it. She calms me down. I hope that she will also awaken bright feelings and emotions in you.

And thanks for watching.

I played this little acoustic guitar composition, named “The Last Journey” on my classical guitar Ibanez Salvador G200ece-nt, used the soundcard line6 studio ux1 with pod farm.

Alex Bratkov
Alex Bratkov Administrator