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Music Theory

In this section you will find all about music theory, starting with the basic fundamentals and ending with the intermediate and advanced levels. Here you will learn to read music and understand it. All videos are divided into thematic sections, which simplifies learning.

You can use this articles and videos for self education, help in tutoring etc. They can help you in many ways. For example:

  • learn to read music;
  • understanding concepts of theory;
  • knowing the terminology;

And many other things.

All theory is free and available on YouTube.

Some posts is presented in two versions, including a text version with pictures and video, so you can use any format that is convenient for you.

And don’t forget! Here you will find everything you need to know about music theory. It’s quick and easy.



Triad is a set of three notes which located one from another through thirds (more about intervals here). Let’s consider the…

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clefs cover image


Clefs is a symbols for indicate the location on a music staff of a some note. This is done for the convenience of reading the…

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