Something about creation

Creation is a power, which move humanity on the way of progress and evolution. This is a natural requirement, which requires some releasing and enervation.

These features should be supported by an experience and knowledge. That is a strong base for self-realization.

Also is a very important component are an imagination.

Below we have a few simple offers, which can help to improve your songwriting skills and you can do they anywhere and not having a musical instrument at this time.

So, let’s begin…

If we want to create something new, first of all we should not be afraid to experiment.

  • You should not just listen to music as a background or set of sounds. If the music is able to change your mood and inner state and you can feel that, it means you have the same potential to create it.
  • When you listen to song or composition, try to think out or change it’s tune mentally. You can try to insert your own alternative part in any part of the composition, or add an alternate ending, or come up a something else. Use your imagination and forget the rules. Experiment and you’ll get an interesting result, albeit not immediately.
  • Do not think that what you do is not well. Just try, because if you want get to high result, you need to have perseverance, aspiration and patience.

Our mind need a regular coaching and music should help us in this.

  • Any musical composition have a “basis” – melodic line, which arranging of instrumental accompaniment, which specified of music genre (rock, classic etc.). For example, the same musical “basis” we can play on the one guitar string or the orchestra. But the basis of musical composition are melodic line.

When you will be composing music, try to come up melodic line and arranging its of one or few musical instruments. For example drums or any other. Imagine or listen what you get and do not worry that you get are not well. Just be a painstaking.

  • Knowledge of elementary music theory is not a necessity for composing the melodic line. You give maximum efficiency of music composing when your mind are free and process go on easily and naturally.
  • Plenty in this process depends on how you are listening music. You will can’t to use music, perseived as a background as the material which will you give by built your creativity. Listen music more attentively and try to distinguish several fragments of composition.
  • Ability to work with the material. When you study the theory, you should be able to effectively apply it in practice. Therefore, an important are watch how professionals are use those or other methods and techniques. See more musical videos, video lessons, any, that can motivate you or give more new skills.

Thanks for your time and good luck!